From Dilemmas to Designs: Problem-Solving is My Craft.

Incorporating human-centric design into the heart of my ethos, I rely on the diverse perspectives and rich life experiences within my collaborative sphere to craft art, products and designs that solve problems.

Nwaubani went on to become a digital product designer, working for brands including Burberry. In 2020 he decided to use his skills with digital technology to “reclaim back” the Benin Bronzes, delicately carved cast sculptures, plaques and commemorative heads from the ancient kingdom of Benin (in present day Nigeria), now in museums all over the West.

Visionary, Artist & Speaker

Chidi Nwaubani Artist Product Designer Speaking
Chidi Nwaubani Artist Rosetta stone
Chidi Nwaubani Artist Product Designer Speaking
Chidi Nwaubani Artist Product Designer Speaking
Chidi Nwaubani Artist Product Designer Speaking

Some Facts

I love to talk about art,design and tech

As an active speaker and participant in cultural discourse, I am deeply committed to nurturing conversations around the synergies and societal implications of art and technology. My involvement in esteemed forums like Doha Debates underscores this dedication.
Chidi Nwaubani Artist Product Designer Speaking

I like to travel, A lot

In 2022, with over 40 countries etched into my travelogue, I can confidently say my world view has been profoundly shaped by the wanderlust within me. My tenure in the aviation industry supercharged my passion for exploration. Embracing this zeal, I embarked on a personal challenge in 2022 - a new country every month, a '12 for 12' mission to broaden my horizons and embrace the diversity of our world.

- Colombia
- Kenya
- South Africa
- Sweden
- Denmark
- Norway
- Oman
- Turkey
- North America
- Singapore
- Cote- Cote d'Ivoire

Making art history!

With every creative endeavor, I champion innovation, setting the stage for a harmonious future where art, technology, and imagination meld in spectacular fusion.

My work's resonance is echoed through accolades and features in esteemed publications like BBC, Reuters, and Frieze.

Music to the soul

Another facet of my creative journey manifests as a DJ, where I recently had the honor of hosting the closing party for Venice Biennale 2023. My beats have resonated through a previous residency in London and various international gigs, allowing me to spin stories and emotions into rhythmic symphonies across the globe.

- Venice, Italy
- Kampala, Uganda
- Dubai, UAE
- London, UK